An other result of waht happens if I combine two of my hobbies is this section:
Currently only one project was 'finished' so far. But a second is on it's way.
Jovian Chronicles Alexander | Jovian Chronicles Bricriu

Jovian Chronicles

Jovian Chronicles is a science fiction role playing game published by Dream Pod 9.
I like it because it has nearly exacly the backgroud I like the most. A really 'hard' sience fact future. No super high tech gimmicks but only technology scientists talk about today. Because of that it does 'only' play in out solar system but the team of Dream Pod 9 has written a setting with political intrigue going on between the various powers of our nine planets.

The only thing I do not like is the 'manga touch' because the have humanoid space fighters. Why would someone in reality invent such a complicate machine? On the ground it makes perhaps a little bit sense because of some manouverability advantages in certain terrain (but disadvanteges in stability and other terrain!). But in space????
This is no real problem because they provide you with normal space fighters also. I simply substitute those machines with those normal space fighters.

Jovian Confederation: Alexander Class Destroyer

What I like most are the wonderful space ship designs they have. And that quite a number! So one day after I had to give a lecture about .NET and decided to have a little teaser for the audiance at the beginning. So I started my 3D software (Cinema4D by Maxon) and created a 20 second movie with the logo of the company I am employed at. I haven't used my 3D package for quite a while und I liked to do more 3D graphics.

So I decided to create one of my favourit ships of the JC product line. It is the Alexander class destroyer.
DP9 has published a sourcebook with military ships of the Jupiter Confederation. It had nice drawings of the side, top and front of the ship. So I took these, scanned them and placed them as background in the Cinema4D program. Then followed quite some work and finally this was the result.

A friend of mine who worked at some time as software developer in the computer game industry told me that I am quite good at it because many people have problems with three dimensional imagination but I dont't believe that. I thinck every one could do it if he has the software and some time to learn how to use it.
At least one problem I have is the texturing. I simply am not able to create realistic textures. May be that I can create some acceptable moddels but the materials are stupid and boring.

But enough of it. Here are some sample pictures:

To wath a short and small video, click here:


Jovian Confederation: Bricriu Class

This is my second try. The Alexander needs an anemy, so I started to create a Bricriu Class Corvette. Here are the first images. But obviously the work is still in progress.