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What is the Army Builder

CC Army Builder is a quite simple program. Its purpose is to let you arrange your personal army roster by simple drag and drop.

You can work on two or more army lists at once. Each army window is divided into two parts.

On the left is the nationality list. With the two combo boxes at the top you can select for which nation and for which year you want to design your army. Below is a list with all available troops and leaders for the selected nation and year. The list is divided into the following sections:

On the right is your current army list. Simply drag the unit from the national units list at a line in your army roster. You can also move units whithin your army roster from one division to another. With a double klick on a unit you can edit their name, morale and features.

When you are finished with your army you can save them to disk and print a roster sheet which comes in very handy during play.


Known Bugs (V1.0) and planned Features

Download Section

CC Army Builder is available in two download varians: The first one is a Microsoft Installer Setup and is about 300kb in size. If you do not have MS Installer on your PC (probably Win95 or WinNT without IE5) then use the second download which is a zipfile.

All downloadfiles are zipped because geocities accepts only certain file extensions.


Download MSI-Setup-Version: CC Army Builder Version 1.0

Download (MSI-Installer) Size: -300kb
Setup includes the program plus the unit lists of the nations from the rule book.
Start installation by doubleclicking the CCInstall.msi file

Download ZIP file: CC Army Builder Version 1.0

Download (ZIP file) Size: -300kb Zipped File
The file includes the program and the unit list of the nations.

Download of additional/newer Nationality Files

currently there are none (neccessary?)

Download of sample armies

Here are some armies I have prepared. I have used any material I found in my collection, so the original data comes from books, other rules, scenarios and so on. Be aware that for most of them I haven't played the battles/scenarios (no time or miniatures). Feel free to alter them as you wish.
Sacile 1809 Austrian Army Sacile 1809 Austrian Army
Sacile 1809 French Army Sacile 1809 French Army