Starfury Simulator V0.02
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What is it:
It is a 3D space combat simulator with which you can fly a starfury in the famous Babylon 5 universe. It uses 3D hardware if available und runs in the 640*480*16bit full screen or window. Ok, ok! it is not a profesional product like wing commander or others. So please expect not to much. It is in an early development state, so there is currently (6/98) only three missions which earns the name scenario. But beware if you expect to fly the fury like a aeroplan, it works different! The mechanics are based on a Newton like principle (like it is in the TV show). So you need a 3-axes joystick with a thruttle for best playability. But a keyboard also works.
Recent Changes:
1 June: Sorry for the delay but some friends of mine will merry next week and I was quite occupied, but nonetheless I have new version now with the following features:

- 800*600*16Bit is now supported in full screen mode

- the distortion of objects at the edges of the screen has been suppressed a bit more

- you can now edit several important game parameters regarding the lethality of shots and damage play with the values

- there is now a short mission description when you select a scenario

- there are more soundeffects (exspecialy the explosions)

- two more missions (defending a convoy and destroying a raider supply frighter)

15 March: Implemented some background. Space looks nicer if there is a planet or a big nebula. (OK, it is unrealistic!)

What you need:
You must have a PC with a 3D accelerator card or a quite fast processor. Then you should have a soundcard. And the most important thing is, that you must have a workable installation of DirectX Version 5. A 3-axes joystick with throttle (like the Sidewinder) is recomended but any other joystick and the keybord should work also.

If you match the requirements than download the Programm (click on the screenshot) an expand the file in a directory on your disk. Then simply run furysim.exe and pray. The program was written for my own pleasure and so it is possible that it doesn't fit to your hardware. If you have a guess why it does not work then send me a mail. I am the author of this game and do have the source code. That means I can fix bugs (not like profesional companys who want money for beta software!) if I do have the time.

Also, if you have some sugestions for missions or other ideas which would improve the program then again mail me.

Legal issues: This is not profesional product but a product of my spare time. I will not be responsible for any damage this program would do to you or your computer. Sorry but I have to say this. Also I have to mention that Babylon 5 is a copyright of Warner Bros. As far as I know it is no problem to use the name as long as I make no profit with it. If some company has a legal problem with something from this site. please tell me before sending any lawyers.

Known Bugs:
I'm shure there are a lot. Tell me so I can perhaps fix them. I will upload newer versions of the game if ther are enough changes or expansions that justify the costs.

- the window mode is not fully implemented. Currently ther is no resize and no cockpit overlay possible

- there seems to be a problem with several joysticks. At least the Microsoft Sidewinder should work fine.

Future Plans:
- debris after an explosion / damage to a capital ship

- Some missions to learn how to fly

- Some missions to learn how to shoot

- Adaption to unsupported hardware

- models currently under construction: tanker, freighter, flight scool carrier, exercise drone

- models planes: Frazi (Narn fighter), Raider Carrier, Jumpgate

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