Perhaps you have read in the introduction that I earn my living with developing software. To give you a short impression about my work I will give here a short list of the projects I have worked.

So what do I have to offer you here? See for yourself:

Babylon 5 Starfury Simulator

This program I have done to learn programming DirectX. It is way back from 1998 and therefore uses only DirectX 5. I have stopped working on it because at that time Sierra anounced exactly the same. A 3D space simulator in the B5 universe. But they canceled the project. So simply try mine!

Corps Command Army Builder

Corps Command is a tabletop game in the napoleonic era which is played with little tin soldiers. When the battalions take losses during the fight you don't remove figures but cross of boxes of a rooster sheet. I have developed this program to build order of battles and print out these rooster sheets.
This program was written in 2000 to learn something about XML.

Harnmaster Manager

Many, many years ago, when I started to gamemaster fantasy role playing games, I stumbled about Harn and Harnmaster. I fell in love with this wonderfully detailed world at once. But it had one drawback: You need a lot of bookkeeping, calculating and looking after in tables. All of it are tasks which are the classical use for a computer! I will release a first version as soon as possible but I will not include modules which contain the core of the rules (as Columbia Games Inc. has of course all the rights and shurly wouldn't be happy with that). Nevertheless it will still be a help to you because you can apply needed data yourself if you have the printed rules.